Believe in destiny, it is that which lets us to be who we are, through good and bad times, teaches us to survive.
Above all, never stop chasing your dreams, do not give up and don't let opportunities escape.
Do not forget to smile, a smile always alleviates the pains.
And finally, appreciate the little things, because they are those which have the most value.
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    And thus a generation found a bra trick to practice.

    6 Movies You Won’t Believe Started Iconic Fashions

    #5. Flashdance Made Everyone Want Collarless Sweatshirts

    In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Alex carries on a conversation with a male suitor while reaching inside a ridiculously loose-fitting sweatshirt to remove her bra. … Interestingly enough, it all happened by accident. The gray sweatshirt, which Beals had brought from home, shrank in the dryer, so she cut out the neckband to make it fit more easily over her head.

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